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Freebie: HTML5 landing pages

Hello there! Here is our first freebie. SD UI is a minimalistic and elegant solution for landing pages. It’s super fast, powerful and lightweight html5 templates.

SD UI template is an elegant and powerful solution to introduce your business. The code is as clean as the design, that’s why it works so fast and looks so beautiful. SD UI landing pages have html 5 markup, responsive grid, prebuilt animations, blocks and typography styles. You can build your own unique landing page in minutes.

SD UI is packed with the most advanced CSS and Javascript frameworks in the world. For basic styling and responsiveness we use Skeleton and Zurb Foundation grid. To make things powerful and interactive we use GreenSock Animation Platform, ScrollMagic, Slick Carousel, Blueimp Gallery. That’s why SD UI is so amazing and can be used for a landing page of any complexity.


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