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About Us

SD Web Design is a team of 3 people with a fresh vision and a desire to make remarkable web products. Founded in Nov. 2015, we’ve been focusing on developing our own unique approach to a website creation. Our UI and UX principles are based on creating minimalistic, user-friendly, interactive websites.

SD Themes is our branch which creates WordPress themes. We love integrity, so all of our themes are (and will be) well-thought beautiful solutions that work out-of-the-box. Besides commercial products we’ve been working on two open-source projects that will be released soon.

Check out where we’ve got so far. Any comments and support will be appreciated, we are open for interesting ideas, connections and opportunities.

Mobile-first approach

We don't know how to create non-responsive websites. Because of that our themes work perfectly on every device.


All designs and coding we do ourselves. That's why our products have a well-structured design and work out-of-the-box.


Quality is #1 priority. We create products that we would use ourselves, and we do use them all the time.

Detail-oriented process

If we can delete an element from the design and nothing changes, we delete this element. Because every detail should exist on purpose.

Unique UX

We're constantly trying new UX approaches to come up with something unique and extraordinary to make our products special.


We're dedicated to provide as good customer service as possible. We don't take our clients for granted!